The food we eat is influenced by a wide range of complex factors. Many of the reasons why people struggle to access ‘Good Food’ are not directly related to the food system itself, but relate to economic, political, social and cultural factors which influence the food system.


Access to food refers to our ability to source good, quality food—food that’s filling and adequate for our individual needs

These factors are powerful forces yet they are often beyond our control as individuals and organisations working on our own. This means a much wider range of people and organisations need to be involved to be able to make real progress.

It also means that we all need to be going in the same direction of travel, understanding that our individual efforts are more powerful as part of a wider scheme of shared work.

Working together

Good Food is a matter for us all, and we each have a role to play in ensuring that everyone is eating Good Food. Achieving our vision of a ‘Good Food City’ means working together to continuously:

  • prioritise the challenges we want to tackle
  • identify strengths and opportunities we can build on
  • find and scale existing solutions that work
  • develop and test new solutions
  • learn from our setbacks and celebrate our successes.

We have seen the value of tapping into a wide range of expertise to begin unravelling the challenges that we face. Yet, we do not hold the full picture nor do we hold all of the answers. We are still missing some vital voices and perspectives; we are missing some important pieces of this complex puzzle.

We started this journey with the following people and organisations:

Our Collective Power In Action

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