Good Food means different things to different people. It’s time for us to define what Good Food means to us as a city. We’ve been asking Liverpudlians what Good Food means to them. This is what people have told us..

“Good Food is about…”

We want to live in a city where everyone can access healthy local, affordable food” 

– Debbie, 40’s, St Aidans Pantry, March 2021

A good food city is where people can have access to healthy food, where they don’t feel forced to go to cheap supermarkets or frozen food places and eat processed food. Where fresh food, meat, vegetables, fish, fruit is available at a reasonable price for them” 

– Hilary*, 50’s, West Derby, March 2021


A good food city is where we sleep in because we’re out of a job.”

– Leader of a community food space, May 2021

Join the conversation – What does Good Food mean to you?

Our aim is to involve as wide a network of people as possible in this process, and by joining in the conversation, you will be contributing to the success of the Good Food Plan. In this first phase, we would particularly like people to contribute to the ‘listening phase’ on social media.
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