South Liverpool Windowsill and Patio Growing Project with Woolton Micro-Farm

Woolton Micro-Farm has funding to support people in South Liverpool who are experiencing food insecurity through food growing as part of their Windowsill and Patio Growing Project and would like anyone interested to get in touch.

The project will involve teaching people to sow seeds in pots and take them away to grow on a sunny windowsill or on a patio. This is specifically for people on low incomes to teach them the basics of growing food. All materials will be provided, but any donations of topsoil, compost, containers, and seeds will be gratefully received.

Woolton Micro Farm is hoping to start the first part of this project next week. If your organisation is interested in connecting or would like further information, you can contact them at:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07958767521