Louis’ Story

I work a part time job at a restaurant. Before the cost-of-living crisis, I was doing four night a week, 28 hours. But I’m on one of those zero-hour contracts, so with less people coming into the restaurant now, my hours have been cut. 

I don’t know if I get the minimum wage, I don’t get payslips, but don’t want to ask, what if my hours get cut even more? I’m a single dad, got two kids, they’re great. Lily-Mae, she’s at school now, but Connor, the baby’s still with me. Childcare’s too steep so I stay with him in the day. My mum has them at nights when I get a shift.  I’m looking for another job, but it’s got to fit around Lily-Mae’s school hours. 

It’s making me stressed, depressed even. I wasn’t eating much – I’ve got to feed the kids first – so I go to the food pantry. Its helped – I don’t feel hungry all the time.