Good Food; Our Food

Photography Project Opportunity:

Do you have a passion for food, and the important role it plays in your family and cultural heritage?

If so, Feeding Liverpool would love to invite you to be involved in our photography project. Working with Photographer Emma Case, through photographs and interviews, we want to build a collection of stories celebrating the relationship between food, culture, identity, and how important this is for our wellbeing.

Our aim is to show how our cultural food and the traditions surrounding it are important to our wellbeing through our sense of identity, community, and heritage. We are interested in stories that touch on these themes. We are also interested in sharing experiences of how your culture’s food may be difficult to access (maybe in hospitals or school, etc) and the effect that can have.

We are looking for families and individuals who would like to share their ‘food’ story. It would involve being photographed as you cook your favourite recipe, and a short interview. We would need a couple of hours of your time and will cover the cost of the ingredients for the meal, as well as offering a ‘thank you’ gift voucher to show our appreciation for your time.

The photographs and interviews will be shared as a touring exhibition in Liverpool in May 2023 and you will be invited to a sharing event to launch the tour (which will include food!).

If you are interested in being involved you can email Emma at: [email protected]

Deadline: 3rd March 2023