Food support in Liverpool – Household Support Fund Allocation Survey

This fund is now closed 

Feeding Liverpool has been allocated a proportion of the Household Support Fund to support the food supplies of emergency food providers and community food spaces over the next few months. This is to enable these organisations to continue to support households experiencing food insecurity.

To receive a proportion of the Household Support Fund to spend on food supplies, emergency food providers and community food spaces must:
  • Fulfill all the criteria on the ‘eligibility criteria’ page of the survey below
  • Complete the survey in full
  • Agree to provide monitoring data on how this resource has been spent.

To enable Feeding Liverpool to make a fair allocation of funds, during this survey you will be asked how many people you provided regular food support for during the week Monday 14th November – Sunday 20th November. If for any reason this week did not represent a typical week for your organisation in terms of the regular food support you offer (e.g., you had to close your foodbank that week due to staff sickness or your community meal only occurs once a month), please leave a comment in the appropriate box to indicate this and get in touch if you have a question.

You will also be asked which age category the people you provided regular food support to fall into (0 – 17, 18 – 64 and 65+). Please have this information on hand when completing this survey.

You will have the opportunity to provide details about any of the following types of regular food support your organisation provides:

  • Emergency food parcels
  • Community food spaces (e.g. food pantries, food union, community market, community shop)
  • Community meals / meals which are included as part of an activity your organisation offers
  • Any other regular food support your organisation offers

This funding cannot be used to support food-related activities which are aimed solely at people aged under 18 (e.g. a primary school breakfast club or after school club).

We need to take care to not ‘double fund’ any work, so if some of your food support work is in partnership with another organisation (e.g. St Andrews Community Network, The Big Help) then please liaise with them about who is best placed to receive the funds for that type of provision.

The funding period will be between January and the end of March 2023. The full terms of any allocation of funding will be set out in a partnership agreement with Feeding Liverpool.

Where possible, we want community food spaces and places where people receive emergency food provision to be warm and welcoming. We know organisations are struggling with their energy costs. We are therefore, in additional to funding for food supplies, offering a one-off £500 energy grant for each organisation who is eligible for this fund to go towards your organisation’s energy bills.

Unfortunately, without exception, any organisation whose survey response is received after the deadline of 11.59pm on Thursday 5th January will not be eligible for this fund.

For any questions email Dr Naomi Maynard [email protected]

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