Take Action with Trussell Trust and your local food bank

Everyone should be able to afford the essentials.

People at food banks need support every day, not just during national crises.

Food bank staff and volunteers are in our communities, helping people who are struggling to make ends meet.

While food banks are there to help people when they need it most, charities cannot, and should not, be our long-term solution to hunger. If people are to have enough money to live with dignity, we need a strong social security system that lifts us out of hardship rather than plunging us deeper into poverty.

Trussell Trust’s new campaign wants you to take action by asking your MP to call for a stronger social security system.

Last week, Liverpool foodbanks took action by inviting service users to fill in postcards to send to parliament, calling for change.

At Feeding Liverpool, we asked Liverpool MPs and the Mayor of Liverpool to join us in calling for a stronger social security system. This needs to be a top priority for our new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

Joanne Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool says:

“As Mayor of Liverpool I am deeply concerned about the detrimental impact the cost of living crisis is having on the people of this city. The spiralling cost of living is hitting harder every day, people don’t have the money to afford life’s essentials and to live with dignity.

With no signs of slowing down, I urge the government to act now and invest in our social security system to protect people from debt and destitution, reduce the burden of benefit deductions to ease pressures both now and in the long-term, and commit that the benefit rates in our social security system will always be enough to protect people from destitution. We need this not just in a national crisis, but every day. “

Dan Carden MP for Liverpool Walton says:

“Every day I speak with constituents being pushed to the brink by a perfect storm of financial pressures. Low wages and welfare cuts, combined with soaring rent, food and energy costs, are plunging more and more people into destitution.  Enough is enough. We need a social security system worthy of the name, which supports and enables those who are struggling instead of punishing them.”

Kim Johnson MP for Liverpool Riverside says:

“Inflation, energy costs and food costs are rising to levels that will push over 50% of the population into fuel poverty, leaving many families having to choose between eating and heating.   All while shareholders and bosses post record profits: a political choice by this Government.  The hardest hit will be those on benefits and pensioners and the one-off £650 payment over six months won’t touch the sides.  I want to see a rise in benefits that matches the inflation rate, an end to sanctions and a rethink of a system that needs to be the safety net it was originally designed to be.”

Maria Eagle MP for Garston and Halewood says:

“The cost of living crisis and rising energy costs have been disastrous for many of my constituents who are struggling to pay bills, put food on the table and heat their homes. The energy cap rise alone will be catastrophic. Many constituents simply do not have enough money to live on and when people have to turn to food banks to feed their families they now find them struggling to cope with demand as people cannot afford to make donations anymore. I support the Trussell Trust’s Cost of Living Campaign to ensure people have support every day to afford essentials necessary just to get by.”


If you agree everyone should be able to afford life’s essentials, join Trussell Trust in calling for a stronger social security system that provides security every day, not just in times of national crisis.

Share a message with your MP that urges them to go further to help people on the lowest incomes in their community.