Support a Right to Grow in Liverpool

Feeding Liverpool, Liverpool Food Growers Network, Compost Works, Feedback and other local groups are coming together to support Incredible Edible’s national Right to Grow Campaign.

A Right to Grow would build upon Liverpool’s achievement of a Bronze Sustainable Cities Award and involve:

  • Maintaining a free, accessible map of all public land that is suitable for community cultivation or wildlife projects.
  • Removing red tape and financial barriers to make it straight-forward for community groups to secure free leases to cultivate the land.
  • Allow those groups to bid for the land should the local authority decide to sell it.

In mid-June, the campaign in Liverpool will be holding a week of action, including public meetings, talks and planting events to raise awareness for a public Right to Grow. Keep an eye on the Feeding Liverpool website and social media for more details.

Will you support a Right to Grow in Liverpool? Here are three easy steps you can take to advance this campaign:

  1. Sign our open letter here.
  2. Email your MP and local councillors to see if they would support this campaign.
  3. Connect with your local growing space to meet others who could join the movement!