This report highlights the key activities and achievements for the Queen of Greens from 2023 – 2024. It also reflects on the difference this service has made to the people and communities accessing it.

If Queen of Greens had 100 customers…


95 would say they now eat more fresh fruit and vegetables


86 would say they now eat a variety of different fruit and vegetables


67 would say that the Queen of Greens has encouraged their household to try new foods


86 would say that they have saved money on their weekly grocery bills through shopping at the Queen of Greens


76 would say that visiting the bus has had a positive impact on their wellbeing


91 would highlight the difference the service has made on their physical health

Quotes from our customers:

“The bus was a massive hit in our school, the staff loved it as well as the children and parents.”

Monksdown Primary School

“Having Rose Vouchers has given us better variety in our diet and helped us eat more healthily. Rather than giving the baby sugary snacks, I can offer him fruit. It’s brilliant that he’ll sit in his highchair for half an hour and eat everything.”

Alexandra Rose voucher holder

“The Queen of Greens has meant my family can try new food that we wouldn’t normally eat. I like the fact that we now have access to fresh fruit and veg that is affordable. The bus is a great way to bring the community together and everyone has a great relationship with Paul the greengrocer.”


“It really helps because it stops me from having to carry everything from the town centre. I don’t normally buy fruit and veg but with the bus on my doorstep, it makes me eat more. It also brings people together.”


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