What does good food mean to you?

Liverpool’s Good Food Plan is born from the belief that together, we can create a city where everyone can eat good food, no matter who they are.

Good Food means different things to different people. We want communities in the city to define what a Good Food City is, and bring that vision to reality together.

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Liverpool is home to three of the ten the most economically deprived food deserts (areas with poor access to food) in England.

There are 23 Trussell Trust food banks in Liverpool (4th highest of any local authority in the UK) (Trussell Trust data release 2021)

In Liverpool in 2019, the gap in life expectancy between the most and least deprived areas was 11.1 years for males and 8.9 years for females – (PHE Local Health Profile 2019)

Good Food For All

The food we eat impacts on our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet and to thrive as a city, we need to ensure that everyone in the city can access good food.

Feeding Liverpool and Liverpool’s Food Insecurity Task Force has announced the development of Liverpool’s Good Food Plan, a strategy to create a city  “where everyone can eat good food.”
The actions in Liverpool’s ‘Good Food Plan’ – stated to be published in July 2021, will aim to not only reduce the growing levels of hunger and food insecurity in Liverpool, but to change Liverpool’s food system to become a true ‘Good Food City’.
Liverpool’s Good Food Plan is a key element of Liverpool City Council’s ‘Pandemic Pledge‘ and part of the ‘City Plan

Our city has a proud track record of working together to support each other and our history is marked with invention. It’s time for us to define what it means to be a Good Food City, and make it happen.

We have the will, we have the ideas, we have the talent, and we have the people power…Now what we need is a plan to harness it.

The Good Food Plan will bring together a community of people and organisations interested in achieving good food for all, many of whom are already doing amazing work in our communities.

The Good Food Plan will be an evolving plan and a living document, owned by the people and organisations of this city.

It will include a timeline and a roadmap of genuine, realistic actions. It will provide up to date information about where we are and what needs to change to reinvent food in this city. 

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Our aim is to involve as wide a network of people as possible in this process, and by joining in the conversation, you will be contributing to the success of the Good Food Plan. In this first phase, we would particularly like people to contribute to the ‘listening phase’ on social media.
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