Funding opportunity for new community food spaces

Are you looking to create a new membership-based pantry, food club or social supermarket in Liverpool? Is your setting also able to support families with food and activities during the school holidays?

Feeding Liverpool is working on an application to Feeding Britain’s Community Food Fund on behalf of organisations across the city of Liverpool.

This fund will support the set up costs of new membership-based pantries, food clubs or social supermarkets, with £5,000 – £10,000 available per setting.

It is particularly important that any new initiatives complement rather than duplicate existing provision in the city– please take a look at our Community Food Spaces map to see if there is already a pantry, food club or social supermarket in your area. Please also consider partnering with local community organisations around you before starting anything new.

If you are interested in being a part of the application, please could you send a paragraph to [email protected] by 5pm Wednesday 8th September including the following:

  • Your organisation name and (if applicable) charity number.
  • Details about how the membership-based pantry, food club, or social supermarket will operate (including info about whether this is newly created or an existing programme to be developed further, the estimated number of members, membership criteria, pricing structure, approx. start date, and any wraparound support available currently at the setting.)
  • A sentence about where you intend to source the food for your setting (e.g. through a FareShare membership plus donations).
  • A sentence about if it will be possible for your setting to offer activities and food to children and families during school holiday (this can be delivered in partnership with other organisations, for example through Liverpool’s Play Partnership), and if this would be a new or existing activity for your setting.
  • How much funding you are seeking and what it will be used to purchase (as a guide – previous applications to this fund have supported all costs associated with the setup of community food spaces including the purchase of fridges and freezers, minor site adaptations, surplus food supplier subscriptions for the first year, but have not supported staff time).

All settings established through this fund must be developed between October 2021 and March 2022.

If successful, each setting will need to provide full receipts, send policies and/or relevant certification covering health and safety, food handling, safeguarding, and equality and diversity and participate in monthly monitoring requests.