Food activity monitoring tools and support sessions

For many organisations ‘monitoring’ is a scary word. We have designed some simple tools which I hope can help take some of this stress away, enabling you to focus on what you do best. Knowing how many people you support, who they are and what your food activities means to those who attend can enable you to communicate clearly with funders about the difference your work is making

Dr Naomi Maynard

Food activity monitoring tools

The food activity monitoring tools are designed to be completed each week by a volunteer or a member of staff immediately after your session. They provide space for you to capture the number of people you have supported and their age groups as well as note any feedback or reflections you or your team have after the session.

We have provided them in two formats: a set of one-page paper versions for each type of food activity, and an excel spreadsheet which encapsulates all four types of food activity.  Use the method that bests suits your organisation.

  1. For emergency food parcels
  2. For community food spaces, including food pantries, food clubs, food unions, social supermarkets, community shops and community markets
  3. For community meals, including food provided alongside activities, and for community cafes
  4. For other food support activities or one-off activities

The following spreadsheet contains a separate tab to record for each type of food activity. Please download and save your own version of this spreadsheet:

Excel spreadsheet

There may be other details about who you support which you’d like to capture (e.g. gender, ethnicity) or about the activities you run, do get in touch with Dr Naomi Maynard ([email protected]) if you need support to adapt this form to include this.

We will be adding further tools to support with storytelling later in 2022.

Monitoring tools support drop-in sessions

  • 11th October 3:30pm-5pm Feeding Liverpool Office 16 Lady Chapel Close, L1 7BZ
  • 13th October 9am–10:30am St George’s Church, Everton, L5 3QG

These drop-in support sessions are particularly relevant if your organisation received an allocation from Feeding Liverpool for the Household Support Fund

We will run a storytelling support session in November/early December.