Did you eat your breakfast? A poem by Sarah Grant

Did you eat your breakfast

have you had your toast

jam and butter melted

just when you get your post

a cup of tea

a bowl of porridge

here to provide you

the best meal of the day

no one and nothing

to get in your way


How was lunch

or did you have

an early brunch

beans on toast

leftover roast

a selection of sandwiches

to share with your host

an essential to guide you

through the rest of your day

until it is time to sit and pray


Come for afternoon tea

cakes for you and me

little cream slices

triangle squares

pretty plates with

matching saucers

triple stands overflowing

our bellies ever knowing

a ready supply

I do not lie


Let’s dress for dinner

make an effort

sausage and mash

always a winner

gravy and peas

custard and cheese

cakes of queens

with strawberry hats

wearing posh dresses

high heels with our besties


Just along down the road

at number two

there’s a family there

a bit like you
the day has been busy

the moment too long

unfortunately there’s no treats to come along

they’ve worked really hard

sung all of the rhyme

but there’s no food

for this tea time

the cupboards are empty

the fridge is all bare

where is the food

that should be there


We have to take note

we have to take action

no one to live

with this unsatisfaction

we fed ourselves

but not the few

unable to buy food

like me and you

but they are me and you

at number two

they’re our neighbour’s

our friends

let’s make amends

End Hunger now

to bring food to the table

of someone less able

this story is

not just a fable.


Copyrighted 2020 S Grant 01/05/2020