Cheryl’s story

I’m Cheryl, I’m 51 and I have two daughters and four granddaughters.

I was a nurse a few years ago, but I worked as a cleaner before the pandemic. Before Covid I got some temporary work, but then it just fell on its face. I was just doing some cleaning to fill gaps but that fizzled out and we were back to square zero. One daughter and granddaughter depend on me totally, and it put me in poverty just when they had no income.

We are tossing up, do we put money in the meter or eat? I was reluctant to use foodbanks because it’s all tinned food – I have multiple food allergies and I am allergic to all pharmaceuticals, I get sick, so I use my food as medicine. Food is medicine to me. When I just rely on tins I get sick really, really quickly.

The fruit and veg is the best part! Even if I am the veggie in our house, my daughter and granddaughter they both still love veg, its good nutrients. We need our immunities boosting during this season anyways, even without Covid. It’s been hard, especially with the baby, she’s just two and she’s growing, her needs are growing. This has helped us juggle a little bit more.

I share whatever I cook with my block, I got three men who live single in my block, so I leave what I’ve cooked outside their doors.