‘A line of sight to the street and back’ 

Feeding Liverpool is an ecumenical group which brings people together who are concerned about hunger and food insecurity in Liverpool. 

Our aims are to: 

  • Create arenas for practitioners to share and shape good practices in relation to tackling hunger and food insecurity in Liverpool 
  • Draw on experiences from communities and people on the ground to contribute to and influence policy debates locally and nationally
  • Raise awareness and develop greater public understanding of food systems, policy and related issues 
  • Our particular role is to provide what Bishop Paul Bayes describes as a ‘line of sight to the street and back’. We want to ensure the stories of ‘experts by experience’ – people with lived experiences of hunger or food insecurity, and staff and volunteers on the front line of food provision – are heard by our local and national policy makers.  

Our activities include:

  • Meetings with practitioners to share information and good practice.
  • Half day conferences which bring together faith leaders, local and national politicians, public sector officials and voluntary organisations.

Capturing stories from experts by experience, and creating and disseminating written and audio-visual materials to promote our aims.

During the COVID 19 pandemic we have also been directly supporting the food supply of frontline charities working with the most vulnerable in our city.


Our National Network Partners