‘A Lifeline To Our Families’: Kinship Carers Project Report

For the last six months, Feeding Liverpool has been working with Kinship Carers Liverpool to support between 30 and 40 kinship families each week by providing them with fresh fruit and vegetables.

This project began in December 2023, after the need for additional support for Kinship Carers was identified by Liverpool’s Healthy Start working group and the Good Food Taskforce; it forms part of Feeding Liverpool’s Healthy Boost Project, which seeks to improve access to good food for those who are at risk of food insecurity.

This report shares the difference Kinship Carers Liverpool’s project with Feeding Liverpool has made to the families who attend the centre by drawing on case studies and information provided by those who benefit from this initiative and those who operate it.

Amongst it’s key information, it finds that:

  • Families now have healthier diets, eating both more and a wider variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Recipients have noted that the project has had a positive impact on both their physical and mental wellbeing, allowing them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and the relief this brings
  • The project has enabled kinship families to save money and have access to healthy food items, regardless of their financial situation
  • Families can access healthier food in a way that is convenient and easy for them, reducing the health and financial disparities they are vulnerable to
  • The project has fostered a sense of community, encouraging families to share recipes and ideas about how to cook healthy meals on a budget
  • The project has addressed specific kinship needs, making families feel they are being heard instead of being overlooked

You can read this Kinship Carers Report here.